Go-ahead for the project to renew over 20,000 square metres around La Sagrera

The Government Commission has given the go-ahead for the project to renew an area of over 20,000 square metres around the future station in La Sagrera. The transformation, which gets under way in September and will be completed in 2021, involves remodelling various streets to create more new spaces, adding more trees, improving connectivity for people getting around on foot or by bicycle and regaining the Font del Gaig for the neighbourhood.

02/04/2019 11:35 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The project includes part of the streets of Gran de la Sagrera, Garcilaso and Berenguer de Palou. The goal is to improve accessibility and add vitality to the area, which has been affected by years of construction work for the station in La Sagrera.

Gran de la Sagrera

The new layout of C/ Gran de la Sagrera, between C/ Costa Rica and C/ Garcilaso, includes renewing pedestrian space with a pavement over five metres wide on the side nearest the sea and another over 2.2 metres wide on the side nearest the mountains, where there will also be new parterres and other elements for vegetation, as well as new streetlights and urban furniture.

The road surface will have three traffic lanes, with a northbound vehicle lane and bus lane and a mixed southbound lane.


The remodelling project for C/ Garcilaso affects the section from C/ Gran de la Sagrera to beyond C/ Berenguer de Palou.

  • Side nearest the Besòs: a two-way bike lane next to the pavement, with a line of parking places.
  • Side nearest the Llobregat: a bus lane next to the pavement and two traffic lanes.

Linear parking will also be created along a section just below C/ Berenguer de Palou.

Berenguer de Palou

C/ Berenguer de Palou will be completely renewed along the section between C/ Garcilaso and C/ Ferran Turné, with the pavement on the side nearest the mountains varying between 4.7 and 7.2 metres wide, and a 4-metre wide pavement on the side nearest the sea.

A two-way bike lane will also be created, separated from the road surface by the existing row of lime bushes. The two traffic lanes will be kept, one as a bus lane and the other for regular traffic.

New routes for pedestrians

To facilitate mobility on foot and access around the whole area, the project also includes new pedestrian routes.

A connecting road will be created between C/ Josep Estivill and C/ Garcilaso, via the junction between C/ Gran de la Sagrera and Baixada de la Sagrera, level with C/ Berenguer de Palou.

At the same time, another road will be opened to connect C/ Garcilaso and C/ Clara Zetkin using the current esplanade on the eastern side of C/ Berenguer de Palou, next to the Torre de la Sagrera community centre.

La Sagrega gets back the Font del Gaig

The Font del Gaig, a stone spring created in 1865 by the Barcelona architect Antoni Rovira i Trias, will be cleaned and renovated before being reinstated in the street it was from removed from in 2001 due to its poor state of repair.

The spring, which was a meeting point in the neighbourhood for a long time, will be located in C/ Garcilaso, between C/ Gran de la Sagrera and C/ Berenguer de Palou, very close to its original location.

Horitzó 2021

The project is being promoted by Barcelona Sagrera Alta Velocitat, a company made of representatives from the City Council, the Government of Catalonia, the Spanish state, ADIF and RENFE.

Work is due to start in September and should be completed in the first quarter of 2021. The total budget for the project is 6.9 million euros. The City Council will be providing 1.76 million, with the rest coming via planning quotas for the area.


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