Good progress with renovation work in Plaça de la Natura, Park Güell

Underground waterproofing work has now been completed in Plaça de la Natura, in Park Güell, preventing water from filtering down to the supporting pillars underneath, in the Sala Hipòstila. Renovation work on the park’s characteristic trencadis bench is also now concluding.

24/04/2019 14:32 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The renovation of Plaça de la Natura, in Park Güell, one of the city’s most iconic spots, follows the same construction criteria, systems and materials originally defined by Antoni Gaudí, strictly respecting heritage.

The first part of the work consisted of building a drainage system to collect rainwater, waterproofing for the Sala Hipòstila and measures to reinforce the structure. The perimeter bench, decorated with Gaudí’s trencadis ceramic finish, is also currently being renovated.

The work was planned after leaks and cracks in the structure were detected and was executed between July 2017 and April 2019, with a budget of 1,224,789 euros.

A Park Güell for local residents

The renovation of Plaça de la Natura is one of the measures in the Park Güell Strategic Plan 2018-2022, which includes 180 different measures.

The plan is designed to regain the monumental zone as a space which local residents feel is their own, countering its iconic status for tourism and redressing the negative effects this has for adjacent neighbourhoods.

To achieve this, various measures are planned to improve the park’s integration with local neighbourhoods and mobility, foster the social use of the park, preserve the park environment and its heritage and reduce overcrowding by tourists.

Measures already executed include the introduction of a shuttle bus, the reopening of Baixada de la Glòria and improvements at access points to the monumental zone.


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