Greater coordination for employment policies in the city

A new agreement with the Ministry for Work, Social Affairs and Families will strengthen collaboration, coordination and joint work in the field of active employment policies in the city. The agreement signed by Barcelona Activa and the Catalan Employment Service should help create an integrated service model to boost the impact of work for both administrations.

20/10/2020 15:09 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The agreement will be defined through a two-year action plan for 2021-2022, extendable by a further two years. It will include action on professional orientation, intermediation, occupational training, integrated programmes for groups, particularly young people, and local development. The measures will be funded by theCatalan Employment Service and executed by Barcelona Activa.

A joint technical office will also be set up to define a unified strategic model to achieve the main goal in the agreement: to put workers and companies at the centre of public action, adapting all employment policies to their needs.

The agreement seeks to intensify and develop collaboration mechanisms further, improving the range of quality services for workers and companies and helping them maintain jobs and generate new labour opportunities in a scenario made more complex due to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.


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