Hangar, the visual arts paradise

03/08/2015 08:30 h

Susagna Alcón

The artistic research and production centre at Can Ricart provides support for all kinds of artists. There are 14 resident artists with their own workshop, and thanks to technological labs, groups of artists can develop collective projects based on new technology.

Video ‘Hangar, the visual arts paradise’

In the various units at Hangar, part of Can Ricart, artistic reflection and expression knows no bounds. The centre provides support for the research and production of visual arts, contributing to all stages of the artistic process. Resident artists can stay up to 2 years at Hangar and, apart from their own workshop, they can find a technical and artistic team which advises them and provides the material and technical resources they need.

“For me, Hangar is Paradise” asserts Christina Schultz, who became a resident artist just three months ago and is immersed in research on “to do and not to do”. “I’m in an artistic context with other artists, which is very important, and also a professional context with a team behind me giving me support” she affirms. At present there are 14 resident artists and according to one of them, Germán Portal, “we’re a very heterogeneous group and I guess one way or another that affects you, in terms of personal enrichment, schedule, discourse and knowledge”.

Technological laboratories and art

“Artists come to the centre very often with themes they want to address and can be painters, sound artists, sculptors or photographers, but there are also groups who work with new technology”, explains the director at Hangar, Tere Badia. There is currently a group working with 3D printers and Befaco, which designs tools for electronic music, specifically modules for modular synthesizers.

They use the labs at the centre, which are also open to the public. Every Thursday afternoon anyone wanting to visit can do so via the Dijous Oberts programme, whereby the resident artists explain how the machines work and the projects they are working on, as well as resolving any specific technological queries.


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