More community services at Hospital de l'Esperança

The end of the first stage of the work at Hospital del Mar and the relocation of services to the Centre Fòrum has freed space at Hospital de l'Esperança, which will now incorporate a mental health and addictions centre for adults, an integrated children and adolescent service with mental health services, as well as dental and ophthalmology services.

09/08/2018 14:34 h

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The reorganisation, which includes the complete renovation of nearly 1,000 square metres of the hospital, will give Gràcia residents better access to first-class community health services.

The mental health and addictions centre for adults will replace the current one on Carrer de la Mare de Déu del Coll. That means, besides improving the facilities, it will be possible to increase the current staff and integrate mental health and addiction care.

Gràcia’s paediatric services are currently at the CAP Larrard primary care centre, while the children and adolescent mental health services are on Carrer de Santa Eulàlia. In the future, however, there will be an integrated children and adolescent service at Hospital de l’Esperança.

The CAP Larrard dental and ophthalmology services have also been added because work on the new CUAP required expanding and improving the space dedicated to them.

A hospital near the neighbourhood

Hospital de l’Esperança is a Catalan public comprehensive healthcare centre occupying some 17,000 square metres. It is closely linked to the Gràcia neighbourhood and the services it offers have gradually evolved. Initially it was a general hospital and more recently it has specialised in surgical care. Now it offers rehab, surgery, traumatology, geriatrics and urology, as well as image diagnoses, clinical laboratories and other services.

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