In defence of Poblenou’s industrial heritage

05/07/2016 17:50 h

Míriam Pina García

One of the priorities of the district of Sant Martí is the preservation of the industrial heritage in the Poblenou neighbourhood. As part of the area’s historical legacy, it bears witness to the identity of the district via unique buildings. The conservation of this architectural heritage has also been a long-standing demand by local residents.

The recently reactivated Poblenou Industrial Heritage Commission works to catalogue local heritage in the area and promote its conservation. The commission has put together a study including industrial premises in the neighbourhood where action is required. The study identifies 158 public and private buildings, classified using five levels of deterioration. Depending on the condition of each one, renovation work will be carried out accordingly.

Sites classified as needing urgent attention

There are eight buildings in need of urgent renovation work:

  • La Escocesa. Renovation and consolidation work on the Johnson and Foseco factory halls.
  • Can Ricart. Improvements to safety measures at the Hangar factory hall and the renovation of the wing at the youth centre which still needs conditioning.
  •  Ca L’Alier. Renovation of the industrial building and development of the surrounding area.
  • Can Felipa. Although this civic centre is in use, the tendering process for the restauration of facades is ongoing.
  • La Flor de Maig. A project for renovating facades has been approved and the tendering process for work is ongoing.
  • Can Picó. The factory hall needs renovating and will house the work and social insertion cooperative Biciclot.
  • The modernista factory hall at C/ Pujades 97. Renovation work to condition the building to house a social insertion project by the Fundació Trinijove to recycle IT hardware and electronic equipment.
  • Casa de les Vàlvules. Completion of renovation work for the overall site, which started with the renovation of the Torre de les Aigües to install Poblenou’s photographic archive there.

According to the Councillor for Sant Martí, Josep Maria Montaner, part of the neighbourhood’s industrial heritage has much to do with the historical memory relating to working classes and associations. “We want to give these buildings greater importance than they have had to date”, explained Montaner.