Institutional declarations at the full council meeting: LGBTI rights, municipal smart and economic reactivation strategy

This month’s full council meeting was held on 26 June and approved three institutional declarations: one reaffirming the municipal commitment to defend affective and gender diversity within the context of International LGBTI Pride and Liberation Day; another in support of an ethical and reliable municipal technology model, and a third aimed at municipal commitment to reactivating the city economy following the Covid-19 pandemic.

26/06/2020 20:11 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Three municipal declarations were read out at June’s full council meeting:

  1. Institutional declaration to reaffirm Barcelona as a city which stands up for affective and gender diversity and to express municipal support to mark International LGBTI+ Pride and Liberation Day on 28 June. The Full Council also reiterated its commitment to combat LGBTI-phobia and defend comprehensive protection for LGBTI rights, particularly during childhood, youth and old age.
  2. Institutional declaration backing technological humanism as a focus for responding to new technological challenges and promoting digitisation as a tool for social progress, based on ethical principles and personal rights and freedoms. The declaration also backs scientific progress and the preservation of the city’s technological leadership, ensuring that emergent technologies are at the service of the population. The declaration also refers to mechanisms for guaranteeing that data for feeding and generating smart systems is open and accessible to the public.
  3. Institutional declaration setting out the commitment to the creation of a fund to help with the economic activation of the city, to invest in smart city projects and provide support for companies, commerce and municipal markets with projects to go digital.


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