International consultation before tendering the public-private operator for affordable housing

The setting up of a metropolitan operator for rented housing is a step closer, with a consultation of the international market to look at the legal, economic and technical conditions for a public-private model for managing affordable housing.

25/07/2018 16:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The consultation is a preliminary step, ahead of the public competition to award 50% of the management to a private operator. The other 50% will remain in the hands of the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) and Barcelona City Council. The consultation period will run from July to September, the aim being to gather as much information as possible to lay the best foundations for the tendering process.

The participatory process has an international reach and represents an unprecedented housing model in the Spanish state, although widely operated around the EU, where private sector investment in affordable housing is commonplace. Because of this, the consultation is intended to compile expert opinions from consolidated companies in public-private cooperation.

The company Habitatge Metròpolis Barcelona SA (HMB), currently entirely public, will be transformed to become the future public-private alliance operating in Barcelona and the metropolitan area. The alliance is expected to create and manage around 4,500 homes with affordable rents.


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