Joint edition of BizBarcelona and the Employment Fair

Hall 8 at the trade fair facilities in Montjuïc will provide a meeting point for budding entrepreneurs and people interested in job opportunities from 21 to 23 September. This will be the first time that BizBarcelona and the Employment Fair have been held together, following all the essential safety and prevention measures and offering a wide array of online initiatives.

01/08/2020 10:26 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The double meeting represents the resumption of trade fair activities in the city and is clearly aimed at driving economic activity and adapting businesses, the labour market and talent to the new post-Covid scenario.

Both events keep the focus of their programmes on their own activities, at the same time sharing common ground in terms of tools, resources, orientation and useful training proposals for entrepreneurs, the self-employed, SMEs, start-ups, jobseekers, those seeking professional changes or working for themselves.

An ample online programme will extend the impact of the two fairs beyond the dates when they actually take place.

  • Promotion of the main ongoing conferences
  • Online advice
  • Information capsules, webinars and other online activities

In addition to BizBarcelona and the Employment Fair, the fair ‘Sí i Millor, di-capacitat i talent’ (planned for March) is also going ahead. Organised by FECETC (Federation of Catalan Special Work Centres), the goal is to facilitate the labour insertion of people with disabilities.


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