Julio Muñoz Ramonet’s legacy is to become a centre of culture, art and science

The Julio Muñoz Ramonet Foundation’s Board of Trustees has approved the operational plan presented by the City Council to turn the businessman’s legacy into a centre for culture, art and science. These are buildings and gardens located along Carrer de Muntaner, 280-292, constructed between 1917 and 1921.

01/04/2021 10:37 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new facility will be multidisciplinary and latest generation, a space for conveying Julio Muñoz Ramonet’s legacy from several perspectives and generating knowledge and critical debate around art, culture and science.

The centre will therefore be open to the public and provide a space for cultural and leisure activities and reflection, for disseminating are and new paradigms of knowledge.

The spaces made up by the entire legacy will be used for covering various thematic areas. There will be a space for disseminating the legacy, a space for the businessman’s collection of art, a space for cultural and leisure activities and a centre for art and science. It will include exhibition areas, research areas, spaces for conserving the collections, creation spaces and spaces for generating neighbourhood activities, among other things.

The operational plan’s approval is the first procedure for launching the new centre’s creation process.

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