Les Casernes de Sant Andreu, for the neighbourhood and local residents

The reurbanisation of Les Casernes de Sant Andreu includes the new Parc d'Antoni Santiburcio, encompassing an area of 22,000 square metres, which will become the neighbourhood’s biggest green area. The initiative, long called for by local residents, also provides for the construction of 160 flats for elderly people, a youth centre and a sports centre. The first stage of the work will finish during the first six half of 2018.

28/12/2017 19:05h


The redevelopment will convert two empty and unused plots of land lying between Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu, Passeig de Santa Coloma, Carrers de Fernando Pessoa i de Palomar, and Passeig de Torres i Bages, into a green space with community facilities and social housing for Sant Andreu’s local residents.

The new Parc d’Antoni Santiburcio will boast 22,000 square metres and include a tree-lined area, aromatic parterre and flower beds, a hill with squares and viewpoints, resting places and a fountain, and children’s play areas and exercise areas for young and old.

“We want this environment to become a green lung for the district and above all the Sant Andreu neighbourhood. This long-demanded reurbanisation of Les Casernes epitomises the social and green urban planning we have been prioritising, to bring dignity to spaces and join up our neighbourhoods”, explained the Deputy Mayor for Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility, Janet Sanz.

The initiative also provides for the construction of 160 flats for elderly people, with common spaces and services, a youth centre next door, with a programme for different uses run by the District and sports pavilion. The project also includes the Rambla de les Casernes, a new avenue boasting over 11,000 square metres, and a floor for parking.

The new park will be ready by 2018

The first stage of the work, which has already begun, includes 12,000 square metres of greenery and is expected to be ready within the first six months of 2018. The second stage of the park will go ahead, with the construction of its facilities and the urbanisation of the new avenue. The multi-sports centre is expected to be up and running by 2019.

This project is the first important initiative in Les Casernes since the City Council signed an agreement with the Zona Franca Consortium in December 2015 to redevelop the area.