Lisbon to be the guest city for La Mercè 2018

Portuguese culture will be present at Barcelona’s local festival, from 21 to 24 September. A delegation from the Barcelona Institute of Culture will be visiting the Portuguese capital next week to work on the cultural programme to be offered to the people of Barcelona.

04/02/2018 11:40 h


The programme for the guest city during the festivities for La Mercè has the aim of strengthening ties between two cities which share cultural values, as well as showcasing the city’s art scene and cultural creativity. Various meetings are planned for the visit to Lisbon, the most notable being with the Portuguese capital’s Councillor for Culture, Catarina Vaz Pinto.

The tradition of inviting a city for La Mercè began in 2007, with Medellín introducing its culture to the people of Barcelona. Guest cities in recent years include Reykjavík (2017), Paris (2016), Buenos Aires (2015) and Stockholm (2014).


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