L’Orgullosa: festivities, culture and standing up for rights in city neighbourhoods

Barcelona is hosting L’Orgullosa with the mission of standing up for sexual and gender diversity, defending LGBTI rights and rejecting violence suffered by this collective. The festival combines culture, debate and entertainment, without losing the spirit of the fight for freedoms. The month-long programme consists of a hundred artistic proposals, with space for all disciplines, from 21 May to 28 June.

07/06/2022 14:25 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Theatre, humour, music, film, talks, poetry, round tables and exhibitions are all in store, giving visibility to the visions of the collective and inviting local people to join in with the debate on basic rights, collective memory and social integration.

The programme has been designed with an intergenerational vocation, where everybody has a place, but also with a transfeminist and intersectional perspective too, the goal being for everybody to feel represented.

To ensure plurality of form and content, the programme has been put together in collaboration with museums, libraries, community centres and cultural organisations in the different districts which work for LGBTIQ+ rights all year round.

Flamenco, folk, electronic music, dance and the performing arts, literature, psychology, natural science, sociology and memory all combine to remember grand figures in our city who stood up for diversity in past decades.

Isabel do Diego, Gabriela Wiener, Fito Conesa, Sara Manubens, Missex, Personaje Personaje, Cobalto, AL-V and Brigitte Vasallo are just some of the artists who will play an important part in an event which seeks to make Barcelona a leading city in the defence of LGBTIQ+ rights and freedoms.

Full details on the programme can be found on the festival website: orgullosa.barcelona.



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