Major building work permits can now be processed online

The new e-Work for Major Building Work project, which is now up and running, gives city residents access to an online processing unit for major building work permits, a procedure that could only be processed on paper up to now.

05/11/2019 11:06 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The launch of the e-Work for Major Building Work project represents a further step forward in the City Council’s digital transformation, transparency and efficiency for adapting the Municipal Authority to the digital world’s requirements.

These online procedures for major building work provide city residents with advantages: dossier statuses can be consulted throughout the process and the procedures portal is extending the online procedures linked to these kinds of permits.

At the same time, deadlines for hearing procedures can be moved forward, the project’s signature is electronic and only one officer is involved from the Authority, the Department of Permits, which manages reports with third parties.

The new online processing unit operates from the same municipal procedures portal and website for processing work permits.

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