Metropolitan agreement to reactivate the local economy

The agreement signed between the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) and Barcelona Provincial Council aims to generate a framework for common policies to reactivate the local economy, tackle the Covid-19 crisis and prioritise socio-economic and environmental criteria.

22/10/2020 17:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The main goal of the agreement is employment. Priorities include maintaining jobs and improving labour conditions through a minimum wage, the reduction of precariousness, the promotion of gender policies and the implementation of social clauses in public procurement.

The agreement also seeks to give more support to companies by setting up a network of business support offices (OAE) at a metropolitan and provincial level, based on the experience of the OAE operated by Barcelona Activa and providing advice and assistance for any local companies that need it.

At the same time, the intention is to provide a new boost for innovation by strengthening the 4.0 industry and technological facilities, as well as facilitating a network of digital innovation centres and driving digital skills acquisition in the public and economic network.

Diversifying the economy is another priority for the agreement. In this respect, besides strengthening the city’s traditional strategic sectors such as commerce and tourism, the focus is also on the creative industries, the biological and health sectors and the digital economy. Special attention is also paid to the green, blue and circular economies and the social and solidarity economy, in a clear bid to favour sustainability. At the same time, areas with unique economic activity such as the Besòs and Zona Franca industrial estates and the 22@ area will get a boost to attract talent and the new sustainable 4.0 industry.

In terms of commerce, work will be done to agree on a unitary and collaborative position on urban economic promotion areas. Regarding tourism, an annual plan for the promotion of the metropolitan tourist reality will also be defined with the Barcelona Tourism Consortium.

The agreement establishes the importance of public-private collaboration, cooperation and the transfer of knowledge, opting for shared data and tools which help analyse information on the socio-economic situation and the economic, labour, social and environmental impact in the respective territories.