More pedestrian space in C/ Pelai to revitalise the city centre and commercial activity

Transformation of Carrer de Pelai to make the street more pleasant and revitalise the city centre and commercial activity. The project entailed widening the pavement on the side nearest the sea, reducing the number of traffic lanes and cutting the speed limit to 30 km/h. This tactical urban project includes markings on the ground in the form of the city’s traditional ‘panot’ paving stones.

22/03/2021 15:21 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The improvement to C/ Pelai has freed up an additional 1,500 square metres for pedestrians, addressing a demand by local people, shops and businesses.

What is C/ Pelai like now?

Section Pl. Universitat – Balmes:

  • One bus lane and one 30 km/h lane for traffic and bicycles, next to the new pavement, which has been widened from 5.5 metres to 9.35 metres.

Section Balmes – Pl. Catalunya:

  • One bus lane, two lanes for traffic and bicycles and one for services, next to the pavement, which has been widened from 5 metres to 8.85 metres.

Work has now been completed and cost 37,589 euros.

In the second stage, in September, a new pedestrian crossing will also be created to enable pedestrians to cross from the Llobregat side of C/ Balmes to the mountainward side of C/ Pelai. The second stage should be completed in November.

Tactical urbanism for innovative and urgent solutions

The extra space has been generated with markings on the ground in the form of the familiar ‘panot’ paving stone, one of the city’s most easily identifiable symbols. The markings also include the street name and pedestrian pictograms at different points along the street.

The transformation of C/ Pelai comes in addition to other tactical projects implemented in response to the pandemic to gain spaces for pedestrians, improve the circulation of public transport and foster journeys by bike.

These provisional interventions in public space can be implemented swiftly and adjusted with experience to become permanent elements.



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