More public housing, more greenery and more community life for Vallcarca

The full council has approved various measures to revitalise the Vallcarca neighbourhood, preserving its social fabric and regaining its heritage with more housing, facilities, communal areas and urban greenery, at the same time boosting commercial activity and cooperatives and remodelling public space. The project is the result of an ideas contest and debates with the local community.

28/09/2018 17:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new urban plan for the neighbourhood of Vallcarca i els Penitents has been set out with a modification to the General Metropolitan Plan (MPGM) which entails work in the area between C/ Farigola, C/ Cambrils, C/ Calendau, C/ Gustavo Bécquer and Av. Vallcarca.

Specifically, the plan includes the construction of 91 social homes, an extra 800 square metres of green space and new public areas. A large open multi-purpose central area will be created, with fruit trees and vegetable patches to boost the new rural heritage value of the neighbourhood and self-management by the community.

In addition, the Can Carol country house and La Fusteria neighbourhood centre, two iconic venues in the neighbourhood, will be renovated to house a new community centre and a new municipal facility for uses prioritised by local residents.

At the same time, 143 private homes are to be constructed in buildings where the ground floor premises will be set aside for commerce or for other uses agreed with local residents.

A future with a community perspective

The future of the Vallcarca neighbourhood has been defined in various stages. An ideas contest was launched initially by the Vallcarca Urban Planning Work Group, with the Arrels project winning. The project highlighted the neighbourhood’s identity, its resources, infrastructures and historical heritage.

The remodelling project followed a participatory process for public debate and input to enrich the proposal and build in new features which were then included in the MPGM.

Other measures approved

The green light has also been given to remodel the area around Hospital Militar – Farigola, the aim being to adapt this space to the urban changes in the neighbourhood. Similarly, the measure for the site at C/ Farigola 21-25 and 34-40 is designed to preserve the old quarry there, improve the functionality of the street and access to green spaces, as well as improving conditions for surrounding buildings to get more natural light.



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