More public jobs to improve public services

The municipal government commission today approved 1,911 public sector jobs to strengthen basic services such as education and social care, in keeping with the strategy of cutting outsourcing and temporary positions within the municipal workforce. Since the start of this term of office, the total number of places created and offered via public competition is now 2,421, representing the broadest number of openings ever created by the City Council.

14/12/2017 16:47 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The places offered are aimed at strengthening basic services such as education and social care. Specifically, there will be 423 places in primary and secondary education, 484 at nurseries and music schools and 251 in social services teams.

A further 169 places are being opened up for the City Police, mainly to cover retiring staff and the prevision for the next few years. Municipal staff will also be cultivated further with places for specialists in the field of management, law and administration (716), engineering and architecture (123), public health (55) and firefighters (100).

The Councillor for Presidency, Eloi Badia, explained that these public jobs “change the situation we encountered in a severely weakened City Council, with what we could describe as a chronic temporariness which hampered labour policy itself and services too in a way”.

In addition, 23 job pools have been created during the current term of office and have enabled the municipal workforce to be boosted by a thousand people. Both initiatives form part of the Human Resources Plan 2016-2019, which aims to regain direct management of municipal services.

The opening up of the jobs has been negotiated and agreed on with the trade unions participating in the General Negotiation Group. Most of the places are expected to be offered before the end of the current term of office and for the first application processes to be conducted in the first quarter of 2018.


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