More public participation for a stronger democracy

As from today, Barcelona’s citizens have a more decisive part to play in governing the city. The approval of regulations for citizen participation generates opportunities for people to propose, debate and jointly develop municipal policies, taking on a central role in the City Council’s decision-making processes and helping towards stronger democracy.

06/10/2017 16:07 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new means of participation aim to get citizens more involved and give them the means to express themselves. Citizen initiatives is a tool for the collection of signatures, enabling the City Council to carry out actions of general interest which fall within its powers. Once the necessary number of signatures is reached, points can be included in the order of the day at municipal and district council sessions, as well as participatory processes, public consultations and more.

The improvements to participation channels makes them more accessible, open and transparent, also fostering the use of face-to-face and digital media to increase the number of participants and their diversity to adapt to the plural make-up of the city.

Multi-consultations arrive

During the full council session, the Councillor for Participation, Gala Pin, announced that in the month of May Barcelona will hold its first multi-consultation, with residents getting the chance to vote in person or digitally on proposals put forward by citizens themselves and the municipal government over the course of the year. The annual vote will last a week and is open to everyone over 16 on the municipal register.

Coinciding with the approval of the regulations on participation, the website has been launched to offer information, promote participatory activities in the city, events, resources and more.


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