More staff to clear dead leaves from streets

The cleaning service is taking on ten more sweepers and forty operational workers with the arrival of autumn and the possibility of heavy volumes of leaves suddenly falling.

03/10/2021 10:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

This is just one of the three strategies to adapt the service and make it more flexible, providing a swift and efficient response for clearing dead leaves which fall from trees. Water spraying teams have also be converted into leaf-clearing teams and manual sweeping teams grouped together to provide greater performance, better suited to the removal of leaves and using vehicles with larger capacities. As usual, teams with prioritise drain scuppers, bike lanes and transition areas for citizens.

As leaves do not fall uniformly and depend on various factors such as the wind, the rain, previous heat and the arrival of cold air, teams need to be ready to tackle any sudden and abundant volumes of fallen leaves.

The operation will be in place until the end of the season for falling leaves.

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