More staff to raise awareness on the importance of prevention against Covid-19

Given the increase in the number of cases of Covid-19, the number of people providing information around the city’s streets has been increased to 230, including civic officers. Priority is being given to Montjuïc, L’Eixample, Horta-Guinardó, Nou Barris, Sant Andreu and Ciutat Vella, as the need for extra prevention measures was considered greater in these districts.

25/07/2020 17:31 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The task of the 230 people (information staff and civic officers) consists of informing people about the protective hygiene measures and physical distancing needed, as well as the obligation of wearing a face mask. The teams include mediators in case messages need to be given in other languages, or for situations where the risks are higher.

The presence of civic officers is being coordinated by the municipal programme Barris Bon Desconfinament, in place since the start of the lockdown exit process. Priority will initially be given to the districts identified as most in need of extra prevention measures: Sants-Montjuïc, L’Eixample, Horta-Guinardó, Nou Barris, Sant Andreu and Ciutat Vella.

PA messages used by the City Police to remind people about health and safety measures have also been updated, and cleaning services have been stepped up and adapted around primary healthcare centres, hospitals, homes for the elderly and places where local people rest and relax.


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