Move to protect, preserve and promote iconic commerce

The Working Group on Iconic Establishments, made up of representatives from the Councillor’s Office for Commerce, all municipal groups and the Association of Iconic Establishments, has been reactivated to develop measures to help iconic businesses in three key areas: protection, preservation and promotion.

17/02/2020 14:17 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


The goal is to develop measures to help these establishments in the following:


The catalogue of iconic establishments will be reviewed, and work carried out with a view to amending applicable regulations, mainly the Act on Cultural Heritage, to include specific types of commercia activity, extending it and reviewing the way to get establishments listed.


In a move to maintain listed establishments, the prevision is to publish a guide outlining good practice for the conservation of the outside appearance of establishments, along with work on the creation grants to preserve these businesses.


The intention is to create a programme to broaden awareness of these establishments, design small routes and tourist routes, foster their participation in cultural activities in Barcelona to strengthen and update the archive of images of Barcelona commerce.

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