Municipal events cancelled or postponed

The measures being applied to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Barcelona include the cancellation of various activities and events. Here’s a summary of the main events organised by the City Council which have been postponed or suspended.

12/03/2020 21:48 h

María Cilleros


  • FLIC, children and young people’s literature and arts festival
  • Ohlalà! film festival
  • Barcelona Visual Sound
  • Rough Diamonds
  • Metropolitan Dance Fortnight

Sports events

  • Barcelona Marathon


  • Camp del Ferro sports facility
  • Gràcia fab lab


  • Pi local festival
  • Santa Madrona
  • Spring festival


  • Activities for the cycle Barcelona Districte Cultural, at community centres, the Diccionari del Franquisme and Gameplay
  • Activities for the cycle ‘Ecofeminism is the answer’
  • Activities for Responsible Consumption Week

Careers and training

  • Young people’s job fair (part of Training and Work Week, which also includes the Teaching Fair and Futura)
  • Activities for In-forma’t

Citizen participation

The participatory sessions and debates for the PAM, the PADs and the participatory budgets are also cancelled.

Given the current exceptional circumstances, we recommend you check with the organisers of each event.




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