Municipal public pricing mainly unchanged for 2021

Municipal public pricing for 2021 has been approved and as a rule will remain unchanged. Community centres, play libraries, youth centres and elderly people’s centre will be able to cut the prices of their online courses and workshops by 15%.

29/12/2020 11:56 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Bicing rates will be the same as those established when the new model was rolled out.

Bicing prices:

Annual subscription                       € 50

Push bike, first half and hour     € 0

Electric bike, first half an hour      € 0,35

Flat rate pricing:

Annual subscription                      € 35

Push bike, first half an hour          € 0,35

Electric bike, first half an hour      € 0,55

Municipal sports facilities managed by the Barcelona Institute of Sport will be keeping the same pricing for users and for specific groups.

Admission prices and subscriptions for Barcelona Zoo remain unchanged.

General admission      ZooClub membership (registration € 24*)
Adults € 21,40      Family € 94,05
Aged 3 to 12 € 12,95      Individual € 43,90
Under 3s € 0      Young people € 25
Over 65s € 10,50 €      Single-parent € 60
Functional diversity € 5,65 €      Apropa Cultura € 60

Admission prices for Park Güell remain the same (10 euros for adults and 7 euros for children between the ages of 7 and 12), with free access for the under 6s, for residents from local neighbourhoods and those on the ‘Gaudir més’ register (provisional free admission too for the moment for holders of the Barcelona Provincial Council’s library network card).

Having been frozen for the last seven years, admission prices for the Tibidabo Amusement Park will go up in June, when the new Cuca de Llum (Firefly) funicular railway access service comes into service. The price includes the fare for the shuttle bus service.

These are the new general admission prices, which vary according to whether access is for the whole park or just the panoramic area.

Admission to Tibidabo Amusement Park       Panoramic Area
Adults (over 120 cm tall) € 35       Adults (over 120 cm tall) € 19
Junior (under 120 cm tall) € 14       Junior (under 120 cm tall) € 10,50
Junior (under 90 cm tall) € 0       Junior (under 90 cm tall) € 0
Senior (over 60s) € 10,50       Senior (over 60s) € 8
Functional diversity € 7       Functional diversity € 4
Schoolchild (over 120 cm tall) € 14      
Schoolchild (under 120 cm tall) € 10,50      
Educational activities € 7      

Unique access to the Cuca de Llum funicular will cost 12 euros return, with a reduced admission price of 6 euros for those on the ‘Gaudir més’ register and a special reduced social admission price of 3,5 euros. The cost of parking will be 13 euros for the car park at the top of Tibidabo and 4,2 euros for the Sant Genís car park.

The price of adult admission to the Fundació Mies van der Rohe will also increase, from 7 to 8 euros.

Services for young children in the districts

The district of L’Eixample is creating a multi-ticket for five sessions at children’s centres, while the play libraries in Sants-Montjuïc will be dropping their annual price while preventive measures are in place.


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