Three Barcelona firms are among the world's most innovative companies

15/10/2014 08:00 h

Míriam Pina García

The companies are Sensing & Control Systems, Urbiòtica and Bismart, and they have been selected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) as some of the world’s 15 most innovative companies in the field of Smart Cities. All three firms are Catalan, with their central offices in Barcelona.

‘Three Barcelona firms among the world’s most innovative companies’ video

Sensing & Control Systems is an SME that was founded in 2006 and it currently has a staff of 16 employees. The company defines itself as service provider for the general public. Their project is an IT platform that provides solutions for the management of electricity, gas, water, security, comfort and, in general, home automation. This means that people are able to make more intelligent decisions, be more efficient and improve their well-being. ‘This is a really powerful piece of software. When it is combined with sensors, it allows your home to take decisions’, affirms Narcís Avellana, the company’s managing director. According to Mr Avellana, being on the American list of most innovative companies ‘is very important, because it gives you global positioning, but’, he added, ‘for us, the most important thing is that we like our work’.

Urbiòtica is another of the most-innovative companies in the world. It is a technological company that designs and produces sensors for managing real-time information about the availability of parking places, traffic, waste products and the environment, with the aim of optimising city management. The company, which was founded 2008 and now has 30 employees, is developing projects in France, Germany, Àustria, Brasil, Chile and Spain. Antoni Brey, Urbiòtica’s managing director, is positive about the news, and he affirmed that the company deserves it, because it has achieved a very competitive position in the developing technology market.

Bismart, the third Barcelona company in the NYCEDC list’s top fifteen innovative companies, develops and markets data-management systems with the aim of creating predictive systems that help local administrations to improve the services they offer their citizens and local companies. They collect information from city councils, such as traffic, climate, commentaries on social networks and energy consumption. Together with Barcelona City Council, they have created a control panel for a set of indicators that will enable the general public to choose, for example, which is the best city to live in, or study in, or work in. This is all based on climate or other very different factors, explained Joan Bosch, a founding partner of Bismart and head of its financial and administration department. For Bismart, a company that was founded 5 years ago, being selected as one of the most innovative companies in the world did not come as a surprise, as Microsoft awarded them the Best Worldwide Partner Award for Business Intelligence.

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