Nearly 48,000 endorsements from citizens to make the participatory budgets a reality

Progress continues with the participatory budgets so that the public can decide how to spend thirty million euros from the municipal budget in the city’s districts and neighbourhoods. The prioritisation stage has now concluded, with citizens giving nearly 48,000 endorsements to projects presented via the digital participation platform Decidim Barcelona.

07/04/2021 15:47 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Of the 822 proposals which made it to the prioritisation stage, 204 prospered as a result of backing from citizens, taking into account there are 20 projects per district. Four others were included as the result of ties in the number of endorsements given.

The final voting stage is from 10 to 20 June, to establish which projects will go ahead. The voting will be conducted on the Decidim Barcelona platform, but there are also two support points in each district where people can register their endorsements in person for projects. Anyone aged 14 or over and officially registered as residing in the city can choose as many projects as they like, in accordance with the budget assigned to each district. The projects selected the most times will be carried out.

Projects for school facilities and public space attract the most support

Of the 47,833 endorsements given by people in the prioritisation stage, a quarter (50) were for projects directly linked to investment in facilities and school surroundings, followed by traffic-calming and remodelling measures for streets, with 37 projects. Other areas which attracted strong support were for green spaces and allotments (24), the cycling network (21), children’s play areas (14) and the improvement of public space (13).

From a district perspective, Sants-Montjuïc is where local people mobilised the most (10,004 endorsements), followed by L’Eixample (8,299) and Sant Martí (7,872), between them attracting more support than the city’s other districts.

You can find all the projects which move into the final voting stage here.

Participation grows on Decidim Barcelona

The promotion of the participatory budgets and the use of the Decidim Barcelona platform for the process has sparked a significant increase in the number of users, with 44,000 new people registering since the process began a year ago, bringing the total to 80.500.


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