Neighbourhood police now operating citywide

Thirty-one city police officers are being posted to the district of L’Eixample and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, completing the roll-out of the neighbourhood police service in all Barcelona districts. A total of 140 police officers are now working at a local level in coordination with different municipal services to resolve conflicts taking all sides into consideration.

01/03/2019 17:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Proximity is the cornerstone of the neighbourhood police model promoted by Barcelona City Council. Ongoing contact with citizens, municipal services, local associations and commerce enable officers to detect, prevent and intervene when safety problems or confrontations occur, referring situations to other municipal services or administrations where necessary. In order to foster awareness of local demands and needs, officers also formally take part in activities such as neighbourhood councils.

Neighbourhood police officers attended to 1,270 cases in 2018, doubling the figure from 2017. More than half the conflicts resolved (55%) were disputes between people, while 26% were for disturbing others in public spaces.

Officers also resolved problems relating to public health, conflicts at schools and between communities of owners or tenants, noise and mobility.

Work carried out by neighbourhood police officers was done in coordination with different municipal services to be able to analyse all sides of the conflict and provide a response to suit all parties. In all cases, the teams provide follow-up for those affected by the resolution of the conflict, encouraging the exchange of information.

All neighbourhood police teams received 80 hours of multi-disciplinary training prior to their posting, strengthening the tools and resources at their disposal for anticipating and detecting conflicts, as well as assertiveness, handling of hostile situations and other skills.


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