New affordable rented homes in Vallcarca

The agreement with neighbourhood organisations and the property company Nuñez i Navarro paves the way for new affordable homes to be built in Vallcarca. The building will be located between C/ Farigola, C/ Argentera and C/ Cambrils, with homes to be awarded according to municipal criteria and offering minimum contracts of three years.

30/07/2018 16:23 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The new development for protected homes is the result of an agreement between the Barcelona Federation of Residents’ Associations, the Vallcarca Som Barri Residents’ Association and the property development company. Besides this project, the deal also sets out a commitment to build more affordable homes in the area around Av. Vallcarca and C/ Farigola.

The social urban model being implemented in Vallcarca was conceived via a participatory process with neighbourhood residents and entities, in response to their demands. The construction of affordable housing is a key part of this model as it improves access to dignified homes and helps preserve local communities.

The dialogue and contribution of ideas is embodied in a Modification to the General Metropolitan Plan, setting out basic aspects such as the preservation of the nucleus of old houses and historical heritage to guarantee the area’s unique identity and make-up. The approach also aims to regenerate local commerce, boost urban greenery and prioritise sustainable mobility for pedestrians and bicycles.


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