New edition of ‘In-forma’t’ to help young people decide on their academic future

The fourteenth edition of the ‘In-forma’t’ campaign gets under way on 25 January and runs until 24 March, showing young people what education options are available to help them with their academic goals.

18/01/2022 14:24 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Face-to-face activities are available (requiring participants to sign up on the website), as are virtual activities, grouped into four blocks:

  • What am I and what do I like? This section consists of workshops and self-knowledge activities for people to be aware of their own academic or professional profile through group activities for classes, responding to the interests, motivations and abilities of candidates.
  • What paths can I choose? With talks on various study paths, means of access and requisites for reaching academic goals. This section also includes activities for families with children who need support after secondary school, as well as others for class groups and professionals from social services.
  • What options are there? Talks by teaching staff to introduce the different regulated and non-regulated study options to choose from. The talks cover all options and means of access to baccalaureate studies; the different professional families for training cycles; study plans and openings for the various university degrees and options for young people with specific education support needs.
  • Is it what I thought? This section includes encounters with students and professionals so that youngsters can chat to students pursuing their chosen study paths, as well as visits to companies and organisations to resolve doubts and queries.

The campaign has been put together by the Department for Young People, through the Young People’s Academic Advice Centre, Barcelona’s infoJOVE points and JIP information and participation points for young people. For more information, go to the Informa’t website.

Options guide for academic paths

Another way to find out more about possible study paths after compulsory education is the Guide to post-compulsory education, produced in collaboration with the Barcelona Education Consortium.

This document is offered as support material in the workshops on academic paths run by the Infojove services as part of the Informa’t campaign. It includes advice and guidance for young people, promoting self-knowledge, identifying all the pressure they are conditioned by when it comes to choosing their path, combatting prejudice, finding out about education and training options, exploring the world of work, working on different skills and handling the fear of making mistakes.



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