New edition of the festival “Viu Montjuïc” on 7 and 8 October

A new edition of “Viu Montjuïc” is being held over the weekend of 7 and 8 October, introducing the cultural and free-time options offered around the Parc de Montjuïc. This is the third year running that this festival has been held, with this year’s programme offering over sixty activities and involving over thirty facilities.

28/09/2023 11:41 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Nature trails, dance and theatre shows, concerts, exhibitions and open days at facilities make up the bulk of the agenda for the third edition of “Viu Montjuïc”. This is a consolidated festival in the district of Sants-Montjuïc which highlights the cultural and natural wealth of this environment in the city, where parks, museums, libraries, community centres and theatres offer activities for all members of the public throughout the year.

New for the third edition

With more organisations such as the Casa de Rellotge and La Cadena community centres and the Mira Digital Arts Festival taking part, the project has expanded the diversity of culture and free-time options. One example is the inaugural route of the Montjuïc 360º footpath, by Foment Excursionista de Barcelona, the first route established entirely in Barcelona and certified by the Federació d’Entitats Excursionistes.

The programme includes activities for all members of the public.

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