New street-cleaning times in Ciutat Vella to ensure peace and quiet at night for residents

Night-time street-cleaning times have been changed for several streets in Gòtic nord, Raval nord and the old quarter, to fight against high levels of noise pollution and ensure local residents’ peace and quiet.

15/08/2018 10:31 h

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The services have been restructured as a result of the benefits seen in the pilot test held last year in Carrer d’Escudellers. Street-cleaning companies had previously offered a more intensive and repetitive service for keeping public spaces in good conditions, given the frequent dumping of waste on streets outside containers and the established times for waste collection. The return of cleaning vehicles several times a night, however, proved to be a noisy nuisance for local residents, so new times have been introduced to allow people peace and quiet. That means the necessary waste cleaning and collection can be guaranteed without inconveniencing local residents.

To be more specific, cleaning-time changes have been made for C/ Comtal, C/ Les Moles and C/ Estruc, in Gòtic nord; C/ Valldonzella and C/ Joaquim Costa and Pl Castella and Pl Àngels, in Raval nord; and C/ Rec and C/ Comerç and Pg Born, in the old quarter.

Older quarter

Standard times are being allocated to home waste-bag collections and subsequent street-cleanings, carried out every day at 1.45 am. There will no longer be any collections at 4.45 am but containers will be checked to see if they are in good condition.

Raval nord

In the cases of C/ Valdonzella and Pl Castella, all cleaning will be carried out before 1.45 am. The area’s retailers have already been informed, so they can adapt to the new timetable, and warned of possible inspections and subsequent fines should they fail to comply with these new arrangements. The service has also been restructured for Pl Àngels and C/ Joaquim Costa. The former will see a permanent daily presence of Guàrdia Urbana [city police] officers from 10 pm on and there will be four offices with a vehicle patrolling not just that square but also Pl Terenci Moix and Pl Castella, as a disincentive to uncivic behaviour.


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