New subsidies for single-parent families

07/10/2016 15:19 h


Single-parent families with low incomes and elderly women with disabilities who live alone are now able to apply for a new subsidy to cover their basic needs.

The amount available is between 100 and 250 euros a month and is aimed at two collectives at greater risk of vulnerability: single-parent families with low incomes and elderly women living alone and receiving non-contributory support.

In Barcelona, single-parent households account for 12.5% of the total, and of these, 94% consist of women living with one or more children. Women in vulnerable economic situations are thus more numerous and because of this the new subsidy is intended to help combat the feminisation of poverty and the economic differences which exist between men and women. The idea is for the support to reach 5,300 people.

According to the Deputy Mayor for Social Rights, Laia Ortiz, the support “is a step forward women’s autonomy and the reduction of inequality”. The Councillor added that the measure should be accompanied by other structural policies to strengthen public services, health and education. For her part, the Councillor for the CUP-Capgirem Barcelona formation, Maria Rovira, explained that “this financial support brings material security to redress the invisibility which women often suffer”.

The subsidy is intended to cover basic needs such as food, clothing and accommodation, and complements other support. The measure, with a budget allocation of 2.6 million euros, is the result of an agreement between the municipal government and the CUP-Capgirem Barcelona formation.


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