New website to check health in the city and its social determinants

The Health and Policy Impact Observatory (OBSIP) has teamed up with the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB) to launch a new website to monitor the state of health of city residents and inequalities between neighbourhoods and social groups. The goal is to make this data easy to access and strengthen knowledge management and scientific evidence in decision-making. To this end, the site offers systemised monitoring and assessment data for the identification and prioritisation of people’s health needs and policies with a greater capacity to reduce inequalities.

28/10/2020 18:46 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The site also includes a repository with evaluations on the health impact of certain public policies and municipal programmes which affect our surroundings and life conditions. Information is available on 38 actions, including health promotion programmes and city plans and policies.

The new website offers graphics on 31 key indicators relating to the state of health and quality of life of the population, as well as their social determinants, according to the different types of inequality. Specifically, the site brings together indicators in different categories:

  • 13 on health: behaviour relating to health, the perception of health, mental health, sexual and reproductive health, chronic illnesses, life expectancy and mortality.
  • 10 on the socio-economic context: relating to the characteristics of the population, income levels, unemployment, family circles, domestic and care work, housing, education and the social environment.
  • 8 on the physical context: in areas such as the environment, urban surroundings and the physical condition of housing.

The creation of the OBSIP is one of the actions set out in the government measures for joint action to reduce social inequalities in health, presented in 2015.

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