Ninety million euros in funding to tackle Covid-19

The Full Council has approved changes to the municipal budget to create a Covid fund of 90 million euros to tackle the health emergency and socio-economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The measure was approved with votes from the municipal government, the PP and Barcelona pel Canvi, with ERC, JxCat and Cs all abstaining.

24/07/2020 14:22 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

What will the Covid fund be used for?

  • 35 million to respond to social needs
  • 30 million to help reactivate the economy
  • 15 million for measures to transform urban space
  • 10 million to respond to needs in the cultural sphere

More resources for city councils

The extraordinary full council meeting held today on the initiative of municipal opposition groups unanimously backed a resolution calling on the central government to allow municipal councils to use their entire budget surplus from 2019, as well as their budgetary carryover.

The resolution also calls on the municipal government to detail the financial framework resulting from the 2020 budget and the following budgets, and to annul the articles that affect local autonomy in the law on budgetary stability (LRSAL).

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