Public scrutiny period for the decree to include more gender identity options in municipal procedures

The public scrutiny period is now open until 26 April for the presentation of claims and comments relating to the Mayoral Decree guaranteeing the right of transsexuals, transgender people and intersexuals to specify the name and gender identity they wish the administration to use for them.

26/03/2019 17:18 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The provisional approval for the regulation was published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Barcelona (BOPB) on 13 March. It will now undergo a period of public scrutiny, being displayed from Monday to Friday (9 am to 2 pm) in the Department of Secretariat-General Services at Barcelona City Council (Pl. Sant Miquel, 4-5, Edifici Novíssim, 4a planta). Any claims or comments should be formally submitted using the municipal registry.

More gender identity options and a new name field

The new regulation makes it possible for the administration to address transsexuals, transgender people and intersexuals using the name and gender they identify with.

In cases where gender needs to be specified, the options of man and woman have now been extended to include trans man, trans woman and none of the above, to ensure there is no restriction to gender identities.

The new name field allows users to specify the name they wish the administration to address them by, which will be available to everybody. Minors will be able to fill in this field with the consent of guardians and legal guardians.



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