Pre-registration period for municipal nursery schools about to begin

The pre-registration campaign for Barcelona’s municipal nursery schools (EBM) for the 2019-2020 school year gets under way at the start of May, with 101 publicly run centres offering a total of 4,277 places for children up to the age of three.

24/04/2019 16:00 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 101 publicly owned centres for city infants up to the age of three are starting the pre-registration campaign for the 2019-2020 school year. There are 4,277 places available, as well as further 30 morning or afternoon places at the Aurora EBM in El Raval and the 4,132 places occupied by infants already at the schools and continuing next year.

The key dates for the enrolment calendar are:

  • Available places published: between 7 and 8 May.
  • Application period for places: 9 to 22 May, inclusive.
  • Publication of the list of applications for pre-registration at each centre, with provisional allocation of points: 29 May.
  • Appeals period: 30 May to 5 June.
  • Draw for tie-break number: 4 June.
  • Publication of the list of applications for pre-registration at each centre with definitive points awarded: 6 June.
  • Publication of the list of infants admitted and, where applicable, waiting lists: 19 June.
  • Enrolment period: 20 to 26 June, inclusive.

Inclusive support for early childhood

In order to foster the schooling of infants up to the age of 3 with special education needs, more specialist advice and resources are available to families this year. In addition, the 101 municipal nursery schools offer a specific service provided by a special needs education support team, with psychological and educational help available in schools. There are 220 places reserved for infants with special education needs this year.

Nine of these places are at the Trencadís EBM, in Gràcia, an ordinary nursery school with an education programme and an infrastructure designed for infants with multiple disabilities and special health needs. The school has regular teaching staff, specialist staff and some specific facilities such as a multi-sensory room and a water therapy facility. It also has a transport agreement with the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities and the Barcelona Institute of Education, as the singularity of the Trencadís EBM means its places for infants with special education needs are offered to people from all over Barcelona.

New nurseries for school years to come

The current school year has seen three new municipal nurseries start operating, Leonor Serrano (Encants), La Morera (Congrés-Indians) and Aurora (Raval). In 2020 three new centres are due to open in Sants-Montjuïc, L’Eixample and Sant Martí, with technical projects also to be developed this year for the Teixonera EBM (Horta-Guinardó), the Danubi EBM (Les Corts) and the Can Carreres EBM (Nou Barris).

Social pricing

For the third year running, pricing for municipal nursery schools will be determined using the social pricing system, which has ten price bands based on annual income  and includes schooling and meals. Families with the lowest incomes will pay the minimum quota of 50 euros a month, while families with incomes more than 4.5 times the Catalan adequate income will pay the maximum monthly quota of 395 euros.

Open days

Municipal Nursery Schools are holding open days from 10 April to 2 May for families to see how they operate, what services they offer and what educational goals they have.

Infants must be at least 16 weeks old at the start of the 2019-2020 school year to be admitted by municipal nursery schools.

Click here for the dates and times of open days at all nursery schools in Barcelona’s ten districts for the 2019-2020 school year.



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