Operation Christmas to focus on mobility, safety and cleaning

Municipal efforts will focus on safety, respect towards others, mobility and cleaning in all city districts over the festive period, with a Christmas operation in place until 10 January and paying special attention to shopping areas. The municipal operation is being stepped up to adapt to the current situation with Covid-19 and ensure compliance with the health measures.

10/12/2020 15:51 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona


The City Police will be increasing surveillance and monitoring in public spaces to organise the flow of pedestrians, avoid build-ups of people and ensure that all local people and shopkeepers comply with safety measures.

If necessary, one-way routes will be established for pedestrians in some city centre streets. Road safety checks and neighbourhood policing will also be stepped up.

Public transport as the best option for Christmas

The metro service will be operating every day from 5 am to midnight, except for:

  • Christmas Eve: only until 11 pm.
  • New Year’s Eve: until 1.30 am.

For bus services, on Christmas Eve the last vehicle will set off at 10 pm.

Cleaning services

The cleaning service will also be boosted to cover the increase in commercial activity and the generation of household waste:

  • Extra cleaning of streets and squares.
  • Litter bins and waste containers emptied more often.
  • More paper and cardboard collections in shopping areas.
  • More household waste collections.

Full information on the festivities in the city can be found on the Christmas website.