Over 2,000 children and young people take part in the free leisure activities from the Neighbourhood Plan

This essential service ensures the right to leisure activities during the summer holidays for children and young people in neighbourhoods where these types of activities are beyond the reach of many. The activities are free, defined according to the needs of neighbourhoods and local people, with the Neighbourhood Plan providing funding of a million euros.

27/08/2021 13:05 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

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One of the activities most in demand is the BAOBAB, with nearly 900 children between the ages of 4 and 12 signing up for it. The activity will continue to the end of August in ten priority action neighbourhoods in the city, such as Baró de Viver, Sant Genís dels Agudells and La Marina del Port

Organised in conjunction with the Municipal Institute for Education, the focus of the BAOBAB activity are children who have to develop a project in their neighbourhood. It includes a meal service and a team of 63 young monitors, most of them with links to educational associations. The activity also has a team of workers for children with special education needs.

In addition, and with the goal of promoting a taste for reading for pleasure, the Bibliocasal activity is also being organised in August and the first half of September. Designed by eight city libraries, this programme has offered 720 places for children between the ages of 6 and 12. Elsewhere, the summer has also seen the return of the open activities in public space and August activity camps in Roquetes, Zona Nord, El Raval, Turó de la Peira and La Prosperitat, with over 300 youngsters signing up.

The crisis generated by Covid-19 has highlighted the need to guarantee the right to leisure activities. To this end, more activities have been organised since the summer of 2019.

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