Over 88,000 people visit the Social and Solidarity Economy Fair in Plaça Catalunya

Thirty-nine companies and organisations operating in the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and involved in responsible consumption took part in this seventh edition, held in Plaça Catalunya under the slogan “Add good to local. Here, now and all year round!”

31/12/2021 14:11 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The 12-day fair was made up of 29 stands, offering a wide array of products and services based around the principles of proximity, sustainability and social justice. These ranged from craft products to clothing and other textiles, books, cosmetics and toys. Visitors acquired over 7,000 products in total.

The fair also featured other notable spaces, the idea being to introduce and raise awareness about equative and sustainable consumption habits. One of these was the Responsible Consumption Area, which attracted 1,800 visitors during the fair, finishing on 30 December. Visitors were able to get detailed information on responsible consumption projects and practices, the social and solidarity economy and their application in everyday life.

Another space was Esfera, where visitors could provide input on their experiences in this sphere, make proposals and reflections with the goal of making more progress on responsible consumption, in line with this year’s focus on “good and local”. Some 750 people took part in activities and 40 requests were received for in-depth advice, handled at the fair itself.

This last space, and the fair in general, focused on the digital sphere and social media through the hashtag #sumemBoiLocal. The tag was used to share over 750 ideas and projects over the course of the fair.


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