Over fifty activities at Smart City Week to reflect on how technology changes cities

Smart City Week is being held in Barcelona from 11 to 17 November, with the slogan ‘City in action’. This edition will cover topics such as culture, citizen participation and the gender perspective within the smart city ecosystem. The Ca l’Alier factory will act as the central venue for the event, a Barcelona City Council initiative coordinated by the Fundació BIT Habitat with collaboration from companies, universities and citizens.

22/10/2019 13:43 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Smart City Week (SCW) is an opportunity for reflection and dialogue about the city model Barcelona wants. The week of activities aims to get people closer to the notion of a city which uses technology and accumulated knowledge to achieve a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable urban environment.

The event involves public and private bodies, local centres, libraries, education centres, businesses, third sector and community entities, helping them take on an active role in achieving a human and democratic smart city model which uses technology to improve people’s quality of life. Packed with over 50 activities, the SCW connects and promotes the innovation experiences of cities with community networks to foster environments and contexts for them to act in.

Using the slogan ‘City in action’, the SCW is the best occasion to get to know the public and private bodies devoted to the conceptualisation and implementation of smart city principles at theoretical and practical levels.

Decentralised activities

In an effort to attract the largest possible public, the SWC is programming different activities all around the city and offering a diverse range of formats, such as dialogues, workshops, cultural activities and family events, appealing to all audiences and helping all sorts of people engage with the idea of the smart city The programme is based on three themed routes, in a temporal order: ‘Transforming the city today’, ‘Transforming the city of tomorrow’ and ‘Transforming the city of the future’.

Ca l’Alier, home to the SCW

Ca l’Alier will be hosting the inauguration of the SCW on 11 November, at 6.30 pm. This former factory in Poblenou houses the Barcelona Urban Innovation Centre and will be the epicentre for the SCW programme. This industrial building is a space for sharing knowledge and experience relating to smart cities and is also the home to the Barcelona Institute of Technology for the Habitat (BIT Habitat). It also houses the CISCO co-innovation centre, which will be collaborating with the event again this year.

Commitment to the 2030 Agenda

Smart City Week shares the City Council’s commitment to the sustainable development goals set out by the 2030 Agenda. The event helps towards achieving some of these goals, such as quality education, gender equality, the sustainable city and peace, justice and solid institutions. The event contributes in that all the activities in its programme relate to one or other of these goals.

See all the activities programmed here.


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