Over fifty activities to guide young people on their academic future

The thirteenth edition of the ‘In-forma’t’ campaign will run from 26 January to 25 March, with most activities adopting a virtual format.

25/01/2021 13:42 h

Oriol Bosch

The thirteenth ‘In-forma’t’ campaign offers over fifty activities aimed at teenagers, young people, families and professionals, and covering the education and training options available at centres of education in Barcelona. The main goal is to guide youngsters with regard to academic and professional paths which match their profiles and interests. The last edition saw nearly six thousand young people take part, who gave the campaign a rating of 9 out of 10.

This year’s activities will take place between 26 January and 25 March. Most of them will be in virtual format, in line with the health recommendations to prevent Covid-19. The sessions will be broadcast in an open format on YouTube and Twitter, as well as Barcelona’s infoJOVE services (@infojoveBCN).

The programme is being organised around the city’s ten districts, with activities grouped into four areas:

  • Who am I and what do I like? Workshops and self-knowledge activities to discover academic and professional profiles.
  • What paths can I choose? Talks on the different study paths and the requisites for reaching the academic goals in each case.
  • What options are there? Information on regulated and non-regulated education and training from teaching staff.
  • Is it what I’m expecting? Activities to complement the information received, with other young students and staff from companies and organisations. This year’s ‘Explore’ visits will be conducted online.

For the second year running, a Guide to post-compulsory study 2021-2022 has also been produced in collaboration with the Education Consortium. The guide sets out all the options available to young people to follow different education and training paths. A new feature is a series of audio-visuals with a video tutorial on the different academic paths and infographic clips on self-knowledge and decision-making.

Besides the open programme, the campaign also includes an on-demand catalogue of academic information and guidance capsules, with sessions on self-knowledge, academic itineraries beyond regulated studies (ESO, CFGM, baccalaureate and CFGS) and information to help with decision-making. There were 143 workshops at 61 education centres and entities in the city last year.

The ‘Informa’t’ campaign is the result of joint work by the Department for Youth at Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Education Consortium, Barcelona Activa, the BCN Vocational Training Foundation and the Service for Teenagers and Families (SAIF) at Barcelona City Council.


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