Over half a million euros to tackle the effects of Covid-19 around the world

Eight international humanitarian projects will benefit from the emergency funds to tackle the effects of Covid-19 around the world. The projects are being developed from NGOs in Barcelona and correspond to cities at the peak of their infection curves, with health services unable to cope and the impossibility of maintaining lockdowns due to the need for people to access food and basic resources.

10/08/2020 17:40 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The funds are aimed at sectors directly affected by the Covid-19 crisis, with priority being given to health, water, sanitisation and hygiene, as well as vulnerable populations with scarce resources.

The projects chosen will benefit from the 640,000 euros set aside by the City Council to combat the effects of Covid-19 around the world in places such as Colombia, the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Mozambique and Senegal. The goals of the various projects are:

  • The right to food and prevention of the transmission of Covid-19 in Colombia.
  • Mitigation of the spread of Covid-19 among the population of the Gaza Strip.
  • Support for the Palestine Red Crescent in Palestinian refugee camps in Saïda (Lebanon).
  • Protection and support for the Lebanese refugee population with functional diversity and in the most vulnerable situation given the Covid-19 crisis, in Saïda (Lebanon).
  • Prevention, containment and response to Covid-19 in the district of Matola (Mozambique).
  • Extra support for the healthcare response and community strategy for Covid-19 in the district of Matola (Mozambique).
  • Support for the population in the municipality of Parcelles de les Assainies and the women’s assistance and training centre in response to the Covid-19 emergency (Senegal).
  • Reduction of the impact of Covid-19 in the Pikine Department in the Dakar Region (Senegal).

This budgetary item is part of the sum of over 10.2 million euros set aside by the City Council in 2020 for international cooperation and education projects in favour global justice.





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