Payment period for invoices shortened

Given the serious financial difficulties being experienced by businesses and the self-employed due to Covid-19, Barcelona City Council has reduced the time it takes to pay invoices received in March. These invoices will now be paid twenty days after they were presented via the official registry. Even though more invoices were presented than in previous months, a total of 2,576 have been paid, with an overall value of 50,255,504 euros,

05/04/2020 11:29 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

In order to shorten the payment time and inject maximum liquidity for municipal providers in the shortest possible time frame, the City Council has stepped up its activity to adapt to the new situation by modifying the validation procedure while maintaining all legal guarantees.

The number of invoices to be paid in the next few weeks totals 1,240, with an overall value of 22,611,115 euros. The average time for invoices to be settled once they reach the City Council via its official register is 18.66 days.


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