Poblenou lights up again with Llum BCN

The Llum BCN festival, now in its ninth edition, is set to transform the Poblenou neighbourhood into a research lab for artists from around the world, a big free museum in public space, a unique event in the city.

11/02/2020 12:28 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Fifty-seven spaces in the city will be filled with magic on 14, 15 and 16 February, thanks to the light, digital technology and moving images of the Llum BCN festival.

Julio Le Parc, Luke Jerram, United Visual Artists, Kurt Hentschläger and Antoni Arola are just some of the international artists who will be lighting up the Poblenou neighbourhood as part the festival. The event has a new mobile app to provide visitors with full information on the spaces being lit up, as well as their geolocalisation and the festival’s participatory spaces.

This year’s event involves seventeen schools of art, design, lighting and architecture (two more than last year), transforming spaces around the 22@ area into a laboratory. At the same time, the festival’s alternative circuit, the Off Llum BCN, is back with fifteen small and medium-format light installations in the Poblenou Urban District.

This edition of the festival also includes the Àgora, a new space for talks and lectures, and the Hackathon, a space for participatory creation.



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