Pont Alimentari, a project to cut down on wasted food

15/07/2015 13:42 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The Pont Alimentari project starts life in Barcelona with the collaboration of some 20 entities who will distribute food to people in need. At present the initiative works with 6 donor companies (restaurants and distribution chains) and in the near future the number may rise to 11, according to the project organisers.

The project is starting off in Barcelona but also has the aim of spreading to other cities in Catalonia. At the moment 20 social entities are attending to people in need and receive surplus cooked food from 6 donor companies. The number of donors may increase to a total of 11 in the coming weeks.

The defining characteristics of the campaign are the defence of the environment (reduction of surplus food), economy (better management by restaurants in avoiding surplus food), and solidarity (helping families in need). The initiative means excess foodstuffs which are currently thrown away can be redistributed in the form of cooked food for families who most need it.

The Pont Alimentari initiative aims to help achieve the European Union’s objective of reducing the volume of surplus food by 50% between now and the year 2020. To help this happen, the project is working with distribution chains and restaurants to come up with an analysis of their production process and provide solutions for them to serve the most suitable portions and cut down on daily excess food. The project also draws their attention to the importance of providing ‘doggy bags’ for customers to take home leftover food.


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