Pride Barcelona 2024: the LGBTIQ+ perspective reaches neighbourhoods and museums

The city’s museums and facilities are organising activities in all neighbourhoods to assert LGBTIQ+ rights and freedoms.

16/05/2024 19:50 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Pride is the order of the day in Barcelona as the city marks International LGBT Pride Day on 28 June. City facilities will be offering nearly a hundred activities around all the neighbourhoods in June and July, asserting LGBTIQA+ rights. The extensive programme includes local, intergenerational, transfeminist and intersectional perspectives. Various museums will also be joining in, reinterpreting their spaces from an LGBTI perspective.

Pride is a civil, social, open and harmonious celebration, a way of experiencing the city. The programme has been developed by the Barcelona LGTBI Centre and draws on the different groups and associations involved in LGBTI rights in each of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood pride

The city’s neighbourhoods, facilities and museums have prepared a special programme for all audiences to assert the rights and freedoms of the collective and celebrate diversity. Concerts, exhibitions, family storytelling, talks and documentary screenings are just some of the activities in the “Orgull de barri” section, which will reach all ten districts. Highlights include El Cabaret del FOK-Empodera’t at the Mirador d’Horta; the Marina Orgullosa celebration in the district of SantsMontjuïc; the Drag Queen/King cycle at the Espai Jove Ca la Panarra, where young people can create their own drag character; and an LBGTIQ+ promotional and comedy workshop for elderly people at the Casal Joan Casanelles in Sant Martí.

Museum pride

Exhibitions, guided tours and workshops are also being organised by various museums to offer a perspective taking into account sexo-affective and gender diversity, with a programme that includes exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and more. The facilities taking part include: Museu Marítim de Barcelona, Museu de Ciències Naturals, Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch, Museu Arqueològic de Catalunya, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Xarxa de Museus d’Art de Catalunya and Museu de Cerdanyola.

Shop pride

The “Orgull de Comerç” project focuses on the creation of a network of shops and businesses in Barcelona that offer safe spaces for all people in the collective, able to provide support if needed. These establishments will be identified with a seal in the future.

LGBTI Centre anniversary

As part of the Pride Barcelona celebration, the Barcelona LGBTI Centre held its fifth anniversary party on Saturday, 18 May, with activities in the morning in C/ Comte Borrell and concerts on a large stage in Plaça Catalunya during the evening and at night.


Designed by the agency Phantasia, the poster for this year’s event shows a proudly diverse Barcelona where the colours of the LGBTIQ+ flag symbolise the diversity of the collective, with an update to the Progress Pride of 2018 from the designer David Quasar, including the additional colours (pink, sky blue, brown and black) to represent trans and racialised people.


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