Proactiva Open Arms awarded the gold medal for civic merit for saving lives in the Mediterranean

The full municipal council meeting agreed to award the Fundació PROA, better known as Proactiva Open Arms, with the gold medal for civic merit for its work in defence of human rights and its humanitarian rescue mission in the Mediterranean.

28/09/2018 15:25 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona is, and has always been, an open and welcoming city, offering refuge and standing up for human rights. This award recognises the organisation’s selfless rescue and support work, its commitment to raising the profile of the tragedy being played out in the Mediterranean Sea and promoting an education based on dialogue, coexistence and justice to build a society with these values.

60,000 lives saved

Proactiva Open Arms is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to rescue migrants from vessels in the Mediterranean. Since it was set up in 2015 the organisation has saved around 60,000 lives.

The organisation currently has 250 collaborators, many of whom take part in missions at sea, such as lifeguards, doctors, nurses, crew members etc. Others are involved in missions on dry land, taking care of transport, logistics, campaigns and awareness, ship maintenance and so on.

Approved by the full council

The full council meeting approved the awarding of the medal to Proactiva Open Arms with votes in favour from all groups (BComú, Grup Municipal Demòcrata, Cs, ERC, PSC and PP), except for the abstention by the CUP.


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