Public competition to transform La Model

The public competition to choose the project to transform the former Model prison is now open, with the winning project to be announced in January 2020. The priority is to preserve the heritage and historical memory of the complex and to convert an enclosed site into an open space for use by local residents, with urban greenery, local facilities and public housing.

13/05/2019 16:32 h

Ajuntament de Barcelona

The idea is for L’Eixample, the densest district in the city, to get a new hub for municipal services, green space and housing which is open to all citizens.

The starting point for participants in the competition is the master plan for La Model, which sets out the basis for the transformation.

Housing and facilities

The proposal for the future of La Model sets out 12,292 square metres for public housing and seven spaces for local facilities.

The site will get a school, a nursery school, a residence and a day centre for senior citizens, a youth centre, a space for the social and solidarity economy, a multi-sports facility and a memorial space for the former prison.

Green space

The open area at the site will be turned into a diaphanous urban park of 14,000 square metres, connecting the surrounding streets. It will include an area for leafy vegetation, a rest area and a children’s recreation garden.

Green space and building wings transformed into places for people to stroll in will represent a total area of 19,900 square metres of public space.

Memory and heritage

The preservation of heritage and historical memory will focus on conserving the central panoptic section and the fourth wing of the building, which will house the memorial space, with a centre for exhibitions and research into the history of the former prison.

At present it’s possible to visit the building and since it was opened to the public in January 2018 the site has been operating as a social and cultural facility, offering a constant programme of activities and exhibitions.

2020: Winning proposal

The public competition for the project to transform the former prison is now open. Multidisciplinary architecture teams with experience in facilities, renovation and green zones have until 6 June to apply.

Six teams will be selected in September and the winning project is due to be announced in January 2020.

The basis for the future of La Model was developed with active participation from local residents.


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