What is the OMIC and what services does it offer?

The Municipal Consumer Information office (OMIC) is responsible for handling all requests and enquiries relating to consumer affairs in the city and managing consumer complaints from people living in Barcelona.

24/01/2024 13:31 h

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Besides processing complaints, the OMIC:

  • Informs and advises consumers about their rights
  • Carries out mediation and conciliation in cases of conflict
  • Informs people about consumer legislation and regulations
  • Runs campaigns and training about consumer affairs

The OMIC handles complaints about:

  • Supply of water, gas and electricity
  • Telephony and internet
  • Tourist services
  • Restaurants
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Purchase and repair of products
  • Other consumer-related matters

How to make a complaint?

1) Present it online using this form.

2) In person, but with an appointment:

To make a complaint to the OMIC, consumers must first have made a complaint to the company, which has 30 days to reply. If a response is not received or is unsatisfactory, the consumer can then present a complaint.

If the complaint handled by the OMIC does not achieve a solution to the conflict, a procedure may be started with Barcelona City Council’s Consumer Arbitration Board. This is an extrajudicial procedure which is fast, efficient and free of charge.

Queries on any consumer-related matter can be directed to the OMIC telematically or by calling 010. The service organises regular information and education sessions relating  to consumer affairs in all districts.


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