Raval Nord medical centre to be built in the Capella de la Misericòrdia

Following a long-standing demand from local people in the Raval neighbourhood, the new primary healthcare centre is to be built in the Capella de la Misericòrdia. The MACBA will also be adding the Convent dels Àngels as a new museum venue. The new project to extend the museum has been agreed on and approved by all the members of the MACBA board: Barcelona City Council, the Government of Catalonia, the Ministry of Culture and the MACBA Foundation.

20/11/2019 17:38 h

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VIDEO. Ada Colau: “It had to be possible to extend the MACBA and at the same time respond to a long-standing and completely justified demand from local residents to have a decent CAP in the Raval neighbourhood, which has been waiting too many years for it”.

The new primary healthcare centre will finally be built in the Capella de la Misericòrdia. The facility has long been called for by local people, who have been demanding decent public services in the neighbourhood for years.

The extension to the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona is a strategic goal and will be created in the section adjacent to the Capella dels Àngels. The project approved is for a new building which is completely integrated into the square and links the Capella dels Àngels with the Convent dels Àngels, creating an extra 2,800 square metres of exhibition space for the museum.

Over the next few months the MACBA’s right to the use of the Capella de la Misericòrdia will be returned and a public tendering process opened up for the project to unite the space in the Convent dels Àngels and build the annex building in Plaça dels Àngels. The extension to the MACBA is expected to be completed early in 2020 and the new Raval Nord primary healthcare centre to start operating at the end of that same year.

The agreement will boost culture in the city and strengthen public healthcare at the same time, as demanded by local residents. The Raval Nord Digne! platform was the first public platform to collect the necessary number of signatures (over 3,750) to intervene in a full municipal council meeting and urge the city government to extend the Raval Nord medical centre to the Capella de la Misericòrdia.

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